COVID-19: Continuous legal advice and support on the challenges posed by COVID-19, Mar 2020

We will work closely with you to address and mitigate the ever increasing challenges posed by COVID-19.


As we navigate the increasing challenges brought on by Covid-19, we are advising our clients on a continuous basis on their response to both immediate and longer-term business risks and how best to advance business objectives. The primary focus is ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, our clients and our suppliers.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are working closely with clients assessing and advising on a range of matters including contingency planning, contractual obligations, employee matters, insurance coverage and service delivery.

We will continue to monitor the legal implications of Covid-19 and advise clients on an ongoing basis. We will provide expert legal, industry and regulatory advice to ensure clients are best supported to address and mitigate the challenges they face.

We will keep you regularly informed through our website on some of the key topics and issues and how we can assist with possible solutions.

Whilst our offices are closed to public access all our staff are working remotely as normal and our IT infrastructure enables us to give a full client service through remote working arrangements which reflect the Government and HSE directions.

You can continue to contact us via phone or email as you normally would or by using our website contact forms.

We hope you and your families remain safe and well in these unprecedented times.