Update – Remote Court Hearings, Apr 2020

Testing continues on remote court hearing pilot scheme


Chief Justice Frank Clarke and the court presidents previously announced a novel scheme for online remote sittings to begin this month, ideally in time for the new legal term next week on 20th April 2020.

Systems testing of the remote court hearing platform completed successfully last week.

Remote mock court sittings will take place this next week, across various jurisdictions, to further examine the remote court hearing pilot scheme. Court staff and legal counsel are assisting with these court sittings.

The suitability of a case and the infrastructure available to each court means not all cases will proceed in remote court settings but it is hoped most suitable cases can progress remotely. All remote court hearings will be in accordance with constitutional obligations and in full compliance with all Government guidance and regulations.

Further statements and guidance on developments are expected to be issued both to the public and practitioners.



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